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Save time with Airbnb housekeeping and laundry services

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Which cleaning services does Bnbsitter offer?

nettoyageComplete cleaning in rooms where hygiene has to be flawless (kitchen, bathroom, restroom)

armoireDusting in all rooms (furniture, shelves)

aspirateurVacuuming in all the rooms

ménageFloor washing

poubelleEmptying trash

Bathroom and bed linen changing

The sitters take care of the collecting, cleaning, drying and folding of the laundry.
The guests will have the feeling of being in a hotel room, with all the advantages of actually being in a rented accommodation! The laundry set is made up of:

couette1 duvet cover

draps1 fitted sheet

taies d’oreillers2 pillowcases

towels2 larges bath towels

towel1 tiny bath towel

robinet1 kitchen towel

Estimate the price of your housekeeping and laundry services

Floor space of your location works out at:

9-29 m2
30-49 m2
50-79 m2
80-99 m2
100-149 m2
150-199 m2

How many sets of laundry do you need?

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Tariff charged in Paris. Price mark-up can be applied for blank holidays.

ménage Sitters will only use detergents available in your place and will do housekeeping work between 8am and 8pm

How does Bnbsitter take over your vacation rental?

Have you selected an Airbnb housekeeping service ? Here’s how it is going to happen in details

  • You select your own sitter
  • You meet him or her to entrust your keys (Bnbsitter might have already collected them)
  • You tell the sitter where to find detergents and needed equipments (vacuum, mop, bucket, soap, broom, brush, and so on) - you could do this directly on your "Accommodation Page" on Bnbsitter.
  • Eventually your sitter takes care of everything. He or she will ensure your location is perfect before your next Airbnb sitters arrive
  • No more detergents ? Bleach can just empty ? The broom has just been broken ? No problem, Bnbsitter can swiflty deal with buying what is necessary on your own


Make sure to get the finest welcome for your Airbnb guests

There are many conditions to welcome your Airbnb guests the right way : a good communication before their arrival, a warm welcome, keys delivery, tour of the apartment with some recommendations on good tips in the neighborhood. And what else... ?A perfectly clean house, of course!It is impossible to welcome your guests in a place which would not have be cleaned after your previous guests leave… But how to find time ?

It’s all about Bnbsitter being in action : in addition of our check-in and check-out services, we offer you to take in charge your Airbnb housekeeping and if necessary change of the bathroom and bed linen.

Clendrier Do not miss any booking! Sync your Airbnb iCal calendar with your Bnbsitter dashboard Add ical

I manage your traveller flows without moving out of your home

Nicolas S. Owner of a 42m² apartment in Chamonix

“I own a family apartment in Chamonix that I regularly rent on Airbnb when my family and I don’t enjoy it. As residing in the Lyon area, I can’t ensure the logistics of the rentals, especially when rentals turns repetitive for the peak of the tourism seasons. To mitigate that, I entrust Bnbsitter! I always pick up Thomas, my favorite sitter, whom I utterly trust in and who is perfectly acquainted with the apartment. When my vacational rentals take place continuously, Thomas ensure all the Airbnb concierge services I need : from welcoming my guests to a thoroughly housekeeping of the apartment.
Thomas’ mission is pretty simple : ensuring my guests feel like in a hotel at the time they arrive. To do that, he thoroughly cleans the accommodation and ensures laundry of the household linen : he washes bed and kitchen linen, dries it and put it in the shelves. My coming Airbnb guests have always been so pleased !"

Your short-term rental housekeeping? We deal with it!

Before Bnbsitter was created, an Airbnb host should have had to pay a concierge to welcome his or her guests and on the other hand an housekeeper to ensure housekeeping and laundry services (bed sheets, towels, cloths, and so on).

With Bnbsitter, it’s history : our sitters ensure both a concierge and housekeeping service. Thus you can book services including both the welcome of your Airbnb and a flawless housekeeping to welcome your travellers just like in a hotel.