Your host booked a concierge for you

Enjoy! You are taken care of.

An experience with Bnbsitter goes like this...

You get to know your sitter

One day before your arrival or departure, you will receive an email with your sitter's profile. You will see, they are adorable.

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You can stay in touch at all time

Feel free to send him all useful details to organize your arrival or departure : flight number, landing time, airport/train station... Your sitter will do his best to adapt to your schedule.

For the check-in, we greet you with a smile!

At your arrival, everything is ready for you. Your sitter is here to welcome you and give you the keys of the accommodation. Don't forget to ask him for a few tips on what to do in the area!

For the check-out, we won't let you go without a goodbye

When your stay is over, no need to be sad. Again, your sitter is here to collect the keys and help you with your check-out.

Your sitter takes care of everything, period.
Your only focus: enjoying your trip!

Other questions? All the better, we would love to have a chat with you!

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