All about Airbnb check-out

Manage your guests’ departure with an Airbnb check-out



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Let the sitters manage the check-out for you!


prise de contactBnbsitter makes contact with your Airbnb guests before their arrival

messagerie en ligneYour sitter is available with the online messaging service

coordonées sitterContact details of your sitter are sent 24H before your guests arrive


récuperation des clésKeys collect

état du logementChecking the overall condition of the location

securitéSecuring the location (locking the doors, windows, etc.)

bon retourAnd of course, a charming goodbye expressed to your guest, always with the smile on the face !


gardiennage gratuitFree safekeeping of your location

BilanFeedback from your sitter about your guest’s departure

évaluationYour sitter evaluation about his or her service

You may have a few questions...

Does the sitter make an assessment while leaving your apartment?

During the departure of your guests, your sitter obviously check that your location has no damages (ripped sofa, damaged wall…) and process to his securing :

  • Closing the windows
  • Switching off the lights and the warming
  • Closing the door with two turns of the key
We don’t count your forks but the sitter take many photos and he or she will immediately contact you to warn you : you will be protected in case of problem !

At which time should I set the departure of my guests?

The guest decide !
However we advice you to plan your check-out service 30 minutes before in order let us to check your location, get the recommendations of your guests and collect the keys. So do not forget to inform your guest that they must spend a little time with your sitter before they have to leave your location.

Clendrier Do not miss any booking! Sync your Airbnb iCal calendar with your Bnbsitter dashboard Add ical

Do not overlook the importance of the check-out!

Elise C. Owner of a 38m² apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris

“I regularly rent my apartment on Airbnb. Until recently, I asked my guests to put the keys in the mailbox and slam the door.
But functioning this way was not 100% satisfactory because I felt not delivering my guests an optimal short term rental. And furthermore, I was never perfectly serene when going back home, especially for the safety control of the apartment (perfectly closed windows, lights out, none deterioration, door perfectly closed, and so on). As I don’t proceed to get things right for the check-out, risks remained high even if I duly checked my guests my on AirbnbTo remain serene when my guests in my apartment follow on from each other on Airbnb, I entrust the check-out with Bnbsitter I asked Bnbsitter to complete a check-out with a seasoned sitter for my Airbnb rentals. To my view, I don't take this service lightly because it's the moment to check if my guests' experience meet their expectations. For any check-out, sitters ensure to give a lasting impression to my guests. This enables me to receive on a regular basis 5-star comments from my previous guests on Airbnb !"

Entrust your check-out to Bnbsitter : we take charge of any details!

You have received your guests in your apartment for a few days of vacation rental, but you can’t be there for the check-out. Too filled working day, business travel, another Airbnb leaving elsewhere… No matter what the reason is, fact is your guests are about to get by on their own !

You can’t take charge on your own ? You haven’t time to wish goodbye to your guests ? Of course, you could ask them to and to put the keys in the mailbox. But what’s going on if any damage occur ? Wouldn’t you like to leave a lasting impression to your guests with a customized Airbnb departure ?

Entrust a sitter for this mission : he/she will go to your place until your guests leave and will ensure they enjoy their departure as much as their arrival.

You can also add two more services with a Airbnb check-out : cleaning in the location (housekeeping in the kitchen and the bathroom, vacuuming, floor cleaning, trash emptying) and the bath and bed linen laundry. Thus your place will be as new before the arrival of your next guests !

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Advantages of Airbnb concierge services

Bnbsitter offers a comprehensive Airbnb concierge service for a short term vacation rental. We let you make the choice of the sitter who takes charge of everything : check-in, check-out, housekeeping, household linen laundry before the arrival of your Airbnb guests and after their departure. Why should you delegate Bnbsitter to take responsability of your vacational rentals? Because your guests expect you availability and human contact while booking on Airbnb. They don’t pick up an hotel in order to get rid of impersonal customer relationship. What they want is being welcome with a friendly smile in a clean and tidy place by a inhabitant who gives them tips and good places for their arrival.

In this view, Bnbsitter aims at helping owners who rent their real property on Airbnb and can’t be available for the arrival and leave of their guests. Ensuring an unforgettable experience embodied by a friendly face for your guests : here’s what you aim at!