All about Airbnb check-in

Choose an Airbnb check-in to welcome your guests



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Sitters take over your vacation rental check-in


récupération des clésYou choose how Bnbsitter collect your keys for your first check-in

prise de contactBnbsitter makes contact with your travellers before their arrival

messagerie en ligneSitter available 24h /24 and 7d /7

coordonées sitterContact details of your sitter are sent 24H before your guests arrive


accueil chaleureuxWarm and friendly welcome

tour du proporiétaireTour of the apartment

remise clésKeys delivery to your guests

conseilsTips and good plans to facilitate their travel


gardiennage gratuitFree safekeeping of your location

BilanFeedback from your sitter about your guest’s arrival

évaluationYour assessment on the sitter service

You may have some remaining questions...

What’s going on if my guests arrive late?

Be sure your sitter will wait for your guests 30 more minutes than planned !

If the delay is notified 24h before your guests’ arrival, the time of arrival will be postponed with your approval and without any extra fees for you.

In case of unexpected delay, the arrival will be rescheduled and you will not have to pay another check-in but only rescheduling by 9.99€.

How to estimate the arrival time of guests to my place ?

If your guests are travelling :

  • planeBy plane, you would better to consider 2h30 between landing and time of the check-in.
  • trainBy train, you would better to plan 1h between the train station and the check-in
If you want to play safe, do not forget to recommend a bar or restaurant close to your home where your guests could wait for your sitter just in case of your guests arrive a bit early
But be sure our sitter always arrive on time and even early !

Clendrier Do not miss any booking! Sync your Airbnb iCal calendar with your Bnbsitter dashboard Add ical

An Airbnb check-in as an headache

Elise C. Owner of a 38m² apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris

The first time I have rented my apartment on Airbnb, I don’t realise how complex welcoming my guests could be. Let me tell you my adventures. The first pain occurred when my guests from Moscow arrived. We had agreed before on meeting time as that I could plan things and be there. But nothing happened as planned. At first their plane landed late, then many factors made communication harder (language, unawareness of the Parisian transports, tiredness due to jetlag, and so on). As an outcome, I have waited 2 hours in the apartment without any further hearings from them. As my lunch break was about to finish, I had to go back working without having welcomed them. 2 hours later, in the middle of the afternoon, my phone rang : it was my Airbnb guests who were just arriving to the apartment without having noticed me… The moral of the story, communicating and organising an Airbnb check-in could be fraught with pitfalls !
Since this misadventure, I have entrusted Bnbsitter for all the check-in of my Airbnb rental. My guests following on from each other (my guests stay 3 nights on average), I haven’t necessary availability to duly welcome my Airbnb guests.
I have fully delegated Bnbsitter to welcome my Airbnb travellers, I’m feeling far more better ! For each new Airbnb booking, I select my favorite sitter on the website and book online a check-in. I have before filled my Accommodation page so as that my sitter is aware of all the necessary information for good execution of the check-in (door code, special features in the neighborhood, and so on). Those information enables him or her to ensure the check-in as if I’ve done it on my own without disrupting my plans."

How to ensure a well-executed Airbnb check-in?

Our secret ? Seasoned sitters with human warmth. Smiling, polite, knowing perfectly discreet, multi language speakers, they are the epitome of the image you expect to give to your guests. With the Airbnb concierge service delivered by Bnbsitter, your guests experiment a win-win situation : they enjoy authenticity of a cosy home because they like feeling at home for a couple of days and taking also advantage of high quality services and hotel-like professionalism

Check in

Our concierge service

Bnbsitter offers a comprehensive Airbnb concierge Airbnb for your short term vacation rental. We offer you to choose a sitter who takes charge of everything : check-on, check-out, housekeeping, bathroom and bed linen laundry before the arrival of your Airbnb guests and after their departure.


Our mission?Helping owners who rent their place on Airbnb but can’t ensure logistics issues


Our aim?Ensuring your guests to be duly welcome in a clean apartment. Ensuring they are at ease when they arrive in an unknown city. And taking care of their comfort.


Our philosophy?Facilitate your life and ensuring the satisfaction of your guests.