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Because a collaboration is based on trust but also a common goal, our commission is based on a percentage that pushes us to make more money for you.

Simulation of a standard stay

Airbnb revenue

90€ a night x 5 nights + 39€ cleaning fee


Bnbsitter Commission

for complete management

- 15%

The cleaning fee

paid by the guests

- 39€

Your income for every stay

with an 85% occupancy rate
every month*


1 885€

Make your vacation rental profitable without any constraint

Your time is precious, entrust your apartment to Bnbsitter, n°1 for short term vacation rental management.

Visit of your apartment and revenues estimation

Bnbsitter lists your apartment’s amenities and estimates its potential.

Design of your Airbnb ad

Bnbsitter finalizes your Airbnb ad and makes it not-to-be-missed!

Prices optimization of your Airbnb apartment

Bnbsitter advises you a pricing strategy to optimize your incomes.

Communication with your guests

Your guests will have an answer to all of their questions within 24h.

Guests check-in + cleaning and laundry

Bnbsitter takes care of coordinating the necessary services.

Guests assistance 24h/24 and 7d/7

Bnbsitter is here during your guests’ stay in case of any issue.

Coordination of small works with negotiated rates

In case of problems in your apartment, Bnbsitter coordinates a technician intervention.

Your incomes credited
after each stay

Bnbsitter will transfer your Airbnb incomes after each stay.

Earn money while you are away!

Travel stressfree, Bnbsitter handles your Airbnb.

+ 23%





+1.1 ★


- 69%


Bnbsitter optimize the Airbnb ad of the most refined accomodations

Big or small, atypical or conventional, Bnbsitter boosts the finest accomodation ads.
Why not yours?

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Bnbsitter is available (almost) everywhere

Yes, we are present everywhere you need to welcome your guests at your place. Today here, tomorrow, who knows where?